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The concept for the redevelopment of the Marconitowers is to make a vertical city divided into districts. Each district contains dwellings but also has a special focus on business, education or leisure. To connect the towers together a ‘’vertical boulevard is created in the center district.

City centers are known as a cultural, social and most times economic heart of the city. Because of its open structure, broad streets, diversity of functions and design of the public realms and its green it attracts many people with different purposes. The greater the diversity of the functions, the bigger the range or influence of the city center will be. By attracting many people from the city to a center, social activities will take place and increase. These social activities are one of the most important conditions to age healthy. The city center can help people of all ages to feel connected to society.

With a vertical boulevard, the Marconi towers are provided with a social, cultural, and economic heart. This stand in contrast with normal living towers where people and especially older people can feel isolated from the city. With a boulevard these people will be embraced by the city again and will become part of it. This leads to less depression and therefore more fun in life. Fun in life is an important element for the concept of healthy ageing. You enjoy life and get out of bed to take on each day with passion and joy.